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We are constantly exposed to health and wellbeing. It is everywhere, in the media, books, magazines, catalogues and the list goes on.


  • How much do you know about the water you consume?
  • What chemicals are added to your water to make it “safe” to drink?
  • What is the condition of the pipes that transport the water to your home?


Chlorine is one of many chemicals that are added to our drinking water to make it safer as it is a disinfectant. Although you may consume only a small dosage at a time, does it have any long-term effects on your body?

Without a good water filtration system, the aerator on your kitchen tap is generally the last point of water filtration.  Should you remove the aerator it will reveal what has been filtered, your findings will be surprisingly shocking. There are many filtration systems on the market which can range in pricing, quality and duration of use.


Investing in a good quality approved system provides you and your family with peace of mind as there are also substances in our water that are not visible to the naked eye. Water composes more than half of a human body and is required by every living organism. Despite all the research, and knowledge we are equipped with, water is still not a priority for many.  We have distinguished that water is not only a necessity for our organs and general well-being but is crucial for our survival. Why not take every precaution ensuring you fuel your body with pure water?


Many rely on bottled water and can spend a fortune on purchasing it.  Its generally purchased by the cases to avoid running out of filtered water.  Buying in bulk does have its advantages, especial if you fear the risk of not having access to filtered water.  Aside from drinking from a plastic bottle, or being unaware of the filtration and bottling process, finding the best storage to keep the stagnate bottled water can be a task. Call it cliche, but if you want something done to your satisfaction, then best do it yourself.   Take full control of filtering your own water in the comfort of your own home. No need for extremely large machines or the concerns of running out of filtered water. A water filtration system offers the flexibility to have pure fresh water on demand. The headache of finding suitable storage having your water held in a plastic bottle is no longer necessary.


A good water filtration system is a cost-effective way to improve your water quality. A plumbed in or a portable filtration system is a convenient option ensuring you have pure water at the flick of a tap. Running out of filtered water can be the thing of the past.


Want to filter chlorine, giardia, cryptosporidium, fluoride and other chemicals but not sure how to filter your water? OZ H2O offers a wide variety of quality filtration systems to filter tap water, tank water or rainwater, we also have shower filters and reverse osmosis systems.


Premium products and outstanding customer service are what you can expect when you shop with OZ H2O.  Filtration systems that provide cleaner, safer water to our customers and their families are what we do.    For your health and wellbeing, take a leap with OZ H2O and enjoy pure filtered water.


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