About Us

OZ H2O was created from a passion for drinking clean, great-tasting pure water. The chemicals in our water and the long-term effects it may have on our health and well-being has also inspired us to help our communities countrywide.

We are a business who do not measure our success in selling high ticketed products. OZ H2O does not compromise on customer satisfaction by focusing on required sales per hour or allocated and monitored time per customer.  We believe in educating our communities about filtered water and the benefits it has in living a healthier lifestyle.  In doing so, individuals can make an informed healthy decision in replacing high-calorie sugar drinks and chemical loaded water with good clean filtered pure water.

The owner of OZ H2O is actively involved in running the business and is always ensuring that the business values and culture result in a great customer experience. OZ H2O has amalgamated reliability, value, trust, and honesty into all aspects of our business functionality.  We do not ‘sell it’ and ‘forget it’, our customers and their family’s wellbeing are our top priority.

Our Water Filtration Systems

We stock quality products ensuring effective water filtration systems which meets the Australian standards. Our range of systems and filters are sourced from leading manufacturers and distributors globally, including but not limited to the UK, USA and Australia.  We know water is one of the most important commodities too good health and wellbeing, also it is the best thirst quencher, and therefore we take great pleasure in providing homes and various businesses with the finest quality water.

Our Website

We want our website to be extremely user-friendly helping customers to find what they are looking for easily and quickly. Please feel free to provide us with your shopping experience or any suggestions you have in regards to our website.  We welcome feedback as we are constantly looking for ways to improve where necessary. Simply click Here or submit via the Contact Us tab found on the homepage.

Thank you for your interest in OZ H2O.  We hope the time you spend navigating our website makes you feel welcome.

OZH2O Pure Water

Drink Clean, Live Healthy