Returns & Refunds

Returns & Refund Policy

This has to be the least visited page on our website. If you are on this page we are sure you are just familiarizing yourself with our policies.  If that is not the case, we would love to hear from you. Your feedback is important to us, as it helps us improve and to better serve you.
OZ H2O only supplies quality products that are far superior to cheaper imports, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee to our valued customers.
The Customer is entitled to a refund or replacement of the products supplied by OZ H2O to the Customer (Goods) that may have any major defects or are deemed unusable by OZ H2O.
In the unlikely event that you wish to return any Goods, the following policy in conjunction with our Terms and Conditions and the Contract will apply.

1        Definitions

Vendor/Us/We/Our – means OZ H2O (ABN: 17742900797)
Customer/Buyer/You/Your – means the party purchasing Goods and Services from the Vendor;
Goods/Products/Items/Systems/Filters – means the product(s), fittings and accessories supplied by the Vendor to the Customer under the terms and conditions, or any contract, agreement, arrangement or understanding between the Vendor and the Customer;

2        Notice

The Customer must notify OZ H2O, within one (1) week from the date of delivery, via e-mail to, of any defects in the Goods in accordance with this policy (notice). The notice must provide as much detail as possible, to enable us to resolve any issues you may have with the Goods as quickly as possible.  We will endeavor to reply or contact you within 24 business hours with further instructions or our requirements.

3        Return of Goods

Original proof of purchase must be provided. OZ H2O may also request that you provide photos of the Goods.
All Goods must be returned in its original packaging with all included accessories and filters unopened in a new, unused condition.
OZ H2O reserves the right to inspect the returned Goods prior to agreeing to provide a refund (either in part or in full) or an exchange of the Goods. If the Goods have been inspected and assessed and no fault has been found, the Goods will be returned to the Customer at their cost, such cost to include a handling fee equivalent to 15% of the price paid for the Goods.

4        Change of mind purchase

We are not required to provide a refund or replacement if you change your mind, including but not limited to you finding the same or similar Goods available for purchase elsewhere.
OZ H2O is not required to provide a refund or replacement if you change your mind or if Goods were specially ordered or specifically built to meet your requirements including any non-stocked Goods unless inspected, assessed and deemed unusable by OZ H2O.

5        Replacement of Goods

In the event that the Goods are to be replaced and the exact Goods are not available or out of stock, OZ H2O will replace the Goods with a similar product.  If the Goods are out of stock for more than 30 working days, the Customer has the choice to wait for the replacement Goods or request a refund.
Replacement products will be delivered in the accordance with the timeframes set out in our delivery policy.

6        Refunds

Refunds will be processed within 30 working days after the Goods have been received, inspected and assessed.
OZ H2O reserves the right to issue a refund to the Customer via the same method the Customer chose to originally pay for their purchase.

7        Liability and Indemnity

OZ H2O will not be liable for any loss, damage or costs, including without limitation any consequential loss, damage or costs that may arise from any claim occasioned by the replacement or the return of the Goods in accordance with this policy. The Customer will indemnify OZ H2O against any claim for loss, damage or costs (including without limitation any consequential loss, damage or costs) occasioned by such replacement or return of the Goods in accordance with this policy.
The Customer releases OZ H2O from any obligation to refund or replace Goods where the Customers has failed to assess the suitability of the Goods including but not limited to the size, colour and the required space needed for installation prior to placing an order.  If OZ H2O, in its sole discretion approves a refund for such a purchase, OZ H2O reserves the right to charge a restocking fee equivalent to 25% of total value of the original order.

8        Costs

The Customer will be responsible for all costs, charges and expenses (including the costs of security) incurred in returning any Goods to OZ H2O. We recommend that all Goods being returned to us are returned via registered post obtain a tracking number, as OZ H2O will not issue a refund or an exchange of the Goods, until such time as the Goods have been received, inspected and assessed by us.
You will be charged for the costs of labour and freight should it be found that the defect was caused by the misuse, modification or incorrect installation of the Goods.
Only if the Goods have been deemed unusable by OZ H2O will the postage paid to return the Goods to us be refunded to you.